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In sales there are situations (if you are a distributor of mary kay cosmetics, for example), when you need to approach a complete stranger to offer him or her what you are selling. What´s the term for such a person (a stranger) in English, in Russian it is "a cold contact" (because contact in Russian can mean not only the process but a person too)
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    I hadn't heard of the term, but if you search for cold contacting in English, a number of results turn up, so the use of cold in this sense seems fairly established, at least in certain circles. Here's an example:

    The 'art' to cold-contacting and how not to piss people off
    It’s a necessary evil in the business and marketing world to either cold call prospects or to at least send cold emails to people who’ve never spoke with you before.
    If you're familiar with the use of cold in this sense, I imagine the noun cold contact would make sense.
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    Interesting that it's used that way in Russia; that's true in the US, too. It's especially common in the term "cold-calling," making telephone calls trying to sell something to total strangers, people to whom the caller has no prior introduction.


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    In the U.S., a "cold" sales call can be made in person as well as by telephone, if no appointment has been made in advance.

    "Cold" calls are in contrast to "hot prospects," which are potential customers with a known interest in the product or service.
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