A collective noun for electronic devices such as tvs, radios, stereos, computers etc.

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    In Polish we have a noun elektronika which means both electronics and things relying on electronics to work such as TVs, radios, stereos, computers, tablets, CD players etc. Is there an English equivalent for the second meaning? A simple term encompassing all of these various devices?
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    A quick google reveals that 'electronic goods', 'home electronics' and 'consumer electronics' all appear to be used.

    There may be other terms.
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    When you write "electronics" you seem to mean something like this definition from Collins: "the circuits and devices of a piece of electronic equipment." Another definition, such as this one found in Random House would be: "electronic devices or systems."

    In other words, the word you're looking for is electronics, which seems to be used the same way in English as your Polish word is used in Polish.

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