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  1. A-friend

    A-friend Senior Member

    Persian (Farsi)
    I wonder if you tell me in contemporary English, what adjective do the natives use for something (e.g. a story or film or…) who is amusing and make them smile or laugh:
    Example: Her brother is very funny. Last week he related a …………… story to us. I will never forget that moment. I laughed till the tears ran down my face.
    a) funny
    b) jokey
    c) witty
    d) comic
    e) jocular
    f) humorous
    g) hilarious
    h) hysterical
    Source: I have written this example myself.
    I think all of these choices can work here and are synonymous and even interchangeable adjectives.
    Bringing up this question I am going to realize the nuance of these synonymous adjectives.
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  2. Sparky Malarky

    Sparky Malarky Moderator

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    I would not use b. The dictionary tells me that jokey is a word, but I was surprised to learn this. It's not a common term, and the meaing really doesn't fit.

    All the others work. But if the story was so funny it made me laugh until tears ran down my face, I'd probably go with g.
  3. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

    English English
    a) funny:thumbsup:
    b) jokey:thumbsup:
    c) witty:thumbsdown: see other thread: a witty story wouldn't make you laugh till you wept
    d) comic:thumbsup: somewhat formal, unlikely to make you weep
    e) jocular:thumbsdown: very formal and usually applied to people
    f) humorous:thumbsup: see other thread: less funny than a funny story, not funny enough to make you weep
    g) hilarious:):thumbsup: more funny than a funny story

    That other thread I mentioned.
  4. A-friend

    A-friend Senior Member

    Persian (Farsi)
    And what if the story was just funny in the manner that could make you laugh and not make you weep?! :confused:
  5. Myridon

    Myridon Senior Member

    English - US
    I agree with ewie except I am with Sparky for b).
    "Related to us" is pretty formal. He told us a funny story.
  6. A-friend

    A-friend Senior Member

    Persian (Farsi)
    Another great post from you. Thank you again. But I wonder if you could add your opinion about my added choice! I am really apologetic because of my carelessness! :(
  7. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

    English English
    Yes, hysterical is good too: technically it's even funnier than hilarious. Something hilarious might cause you to weep with laughter; something hysterical ought to cause you to foam at the mouth:)

    I must admit I had to hesitate a bit before giving jokey a thumbs-up. A jokey story would, for me, be a story that contained actual jokes, or a story that took the form of a joke, or a joke that took the form of a story. Kind of a grey area:cool:

    But it's not an uncommon term in BE: I tend to associate it with things like newspaper articles: Blenkinsop has written another of his jokey articles for The Tatler, I see: 'a light-hearted article with jokes in it'.
  8. A-friend

    A-friend Senior Member

    Persian (Farsi)
    So if I understood well, "funny" and "hilarious" work the same and can be used when something makes one weep ought of laghter, but "hysterical" is even stronger in comparison with them. And as my previous thread, what if I omitted the adverb "very" here in my example? Then I was wondering if you could tell me what would be your pick out of these choices. :)
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  9. ewie

    ewie Senior Member

    English English
    Here's my Table of Funniness, A-F. Most funny is at the top, least funny at the bottom (NB: this is for stories etc., not people):

    hysterical / side-splitting

    [Other terms may be available:)]

    I've left jokey and jocular out because I consider them only related terms: they don't actually mean 'funny'.

    Her brother's funny/hilarious/hysterical. The last two are quite a lot funnier than the first.

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