a commodity in short supply?

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[So many companies try line-extension(Pepsi Light, Pepsi AM, Pepsi Cryatl...). In the long run, line extension goes nowhere. The antidote for line extension is corporate courage, a commodity in short supply.]

corporate courage=a commodity in short supply??

How come?

a commodity in short supply means...make something not enough, right?

This is corporate courage? And this is the solution for 'worthless'
line extension?
  • El escoces

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    Hello ddubug.

    In essence the statement says that line extension is a waste of time, and that what is needed instead - what is needed to cure the line-extension disease (i.e. the antidote) - is corporate courage, i.e. for companies to have the courage NOT to extend lines in that way. BUT corporate courage is in short supply, meaning there's not a lot of it around.

    A commodity in short supply simply means something there isn't a lot of. Consider this wartime example: commodities such as sugar, tea and fresh fruit were in short supply due to the enemy naval blockades, leading the Government to introduce compulsory rationing of such commodities.

    Does that help?

    EDIT: I didn't answer your question, what is corporate courage. In this case, it means companies such as Pepsi being brave enough to abandon what seemed to be the correct policy - line extension - and try another strategy instead.


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    I think that corporate courage could take the form of new products rather than creating "new" variations of old products (which is what I think "line-extension" seems to describe here).


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    Hi ddubug
    I think there may be a problem here in the way you interpret the word commodity. You're right to think that in business, this often means something "cheap" (not really worthless, but plentiful and therefore sold at low prices). In the sentence you cite commodity is not used in this meaning, it just means 'thing/product/attribute'. Hope this helps
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