a company email: "Name1, estuve hablando con Name2..."

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    I was just asked to provide a translation for this email. I don't usually have quite so many problems and I'd preferr not to ask the source for clarification. Might I impose upon this forum to provide some assistance. Could someone with a better eye for spanish also comment on the quality of the writting. To my untrained eye, it looks a little rough.

    Buenas tardes

    Name1, estuve hablando con Name2, ellos siguen con las mismas condiciones de proceso, es decir una maquina que trabaja con gas natural no tiene ningún tipo de control de temperatura ni presiones y el material es recuperado de varias partes, casi todo lo que utiliza esta con tinta (impreso) lo que nos dificulta garantizarle un comportamiento estable con el Brandname o con estas condiciones que te menciono podemos recomendar alguna referencia?, en aquel entonces que hicimos pruebas fue con el 1004.

    Here is my poor attempt at making sense of it.

    Good afternoon

    Name1, I was talking with Name2, they continue with the same process conditions, that is a machine that works with (natural gas ???) doesn’t have any type of temperature or pressure control and the material is recovered (recycled?) from an number of sources, almost all they use is with color (printed) which for us (makes it difficult???) to guarantee (assure) stable behaviour with the Brandname or with these conditions I mentioned to you to be able to recommend some reference? In those days what we tested was with the 1004.

    I would greatly appreciate some help.
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    Good afternoon,

    I have been speaking with ____, they are still following the same process conditions, meaning a natural gas-powered machine does not have any kind of temperature/pressure control and materials are recovered from various places, almost all it utilizes is ink (printed) therefore it is difficult for us to ensure a stable brand-name behaviour*, may we reccommend a reference* for these conditions? Back then, we performed tests with the 1004

    *I am unsure about the meaning, it's badly written.
  3. codjak New Member

    wow that was fast. thanks so much for the quick response
  4. astronauta Senior Member

    Spain. Spanish (ES, MX) English (UK, CA, US)
    You are welcome, I don't think it's accurate but if you are in the industry maybe you know what they are talking about...?

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