a company gets beaten to a tender

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    From what I've seen in dictionaries "beat to a tender" doesn't seem to be an idiom, but anyway I didn't find any convincing definition of "tender" to clarify the meaning of this phrase.
    Some context: it appears in an article about industrial espionage and in this part it talks about how it's most of the time someone from inside the company who's dissatisfied with something, who leaks information: "In most cases when a company gets beaten to a tender and suspects foul play, it'll be someone inside that's leaked crucial details"

    ​So, what does the part in red mean?
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    A tender is a bid / offer for something. (there is a verb "to tender" = to bid or offer)

    e.g. The government want a new road built from Montevideo to Santa Lucia, so they invite tenders. Several companies say, "I will build it in X months for Y Billion Pesos" - this is their tender.

    To beat someone to a tender you offer a lower price and/or a faster time. Your tender is then chosen.

    PS, In future, please tell us where you found the quote (This one is at http://www.gtvod.com/gtvod/textlistview?textid=20041203104849234&moduleid=20041203105411062 )
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    To tender, or to put in a tender, (for a job or a contract) is to put in writing an offer to provide a particular service for a particular price. If somebody beats you to a tender, they have put in a similar offer but at a lower price, and so be more likely to get the job or win the contract.

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    In American English, I would expect a company to be beaten in a tender, as in a fight or a competition or an auction ... and get beaten to a buffet table.
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    Thanks a lot!!

    I wouldn't have guessed what it means in a million years!

    Thank God for WR :):)

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