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Hi all,

Thank you for your attention to this thread. Here is a short passage which I saw today, and it's about patents.

But in 2008, Mr. Phillips's company, Vlingo, was contracted by a much larger voice recognition firm called Nuance.
When the founders of Vlingo refused to sell to its much larger rival, they were sued six times for patent infringement.
Soon after, Apple and Google stopped returning phone calls. The company behind Siri swithed its partnership form
Mr. Phillips to Nuance.
I was wondering the meaning of "be contracted by". Does it mean that Nuance use contract to refrain Vlingo?

<< Second question needs its own thread. >>

I really appreciate your kind help.
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  • meimeifish

    Dear heypresto:

    Thank you so much for your correction. They are indeed my typos.
    And you're right! The word should be "contacted" instead of "contracted"!!! oh my ~ I got a dizzy eye...
    The source is from "The New York Times -- International weekly", which is the Taiwan edition.

    Thank you very much for your help.

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