a company limited by guarantee

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  1. Baterflai Senior Member

    Spanish - Basque Country
    Hello. Could anyone help me understand this sentence?

    Bromsgrove School is a company limited by guarantee.

    Can it be paraphrased like "there is a guarantee that this is a limited company" ?
  2. pubman Senior Member

    No I don't think it can. It's a legal term. A company limited by guarantee is a "Limited Company" in Britain, and in Spain I think it is "Ltda"
  3. Baterflai Senior Member

    Spanish - Basque Country
    So, could you explain to me what it means, I kind of find that there sentence is a bit ambiguous or something..
  4. pubman Senior Member

    Bromsgrove School is a 'Sociedad Limitada' o SL

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