...a company to attract/deceive customers by telling them there are no...


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It is unethical for a company to ( ) their customers by telling them there are no hidden fees.
a) attract
b) deceive

This question is from a language magazine. The answer is b). I have no problem with the answer. But I don't understand why a) can't work here.

Thank you so much.
  • Parla

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    You're absolutely right. :thumbsup: Either of those words would make sense in that sentence.

    I guess that whoever wrote the question wasn't very well acquainted with English. :(


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    But I don't understand why a) can't work here.
    Because it's not generally unethical to advertise that your service has no hidden fees. Also, "attract their customers" doesn't sound very idiomatic. They are not customers until they have been attracted, so "to attract customers" would sound far better. Thus the other answer is preferable in all respects.


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    Thank you, Parla and Glenfarclas.
    I think, in everyday conversation, either can be used. But if it's on a test, b) is indeed preferred.
    I never thought that "their" alone can make any difference before. But now I know I still have so much to learn.
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