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    Welcome, Bd. As per the forum's rules, you need to provide context and background.

    Without context, something like компания, за показателями/деятельностью которой следует наблюдать/следить would probably work.


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    Контекст - это, как правило, больше, чем одно предложение. Тем более, такое, какое у вас.
    Oh, sorry. The sentence is: From its beginning, Sony was a company to watch
    I would use "С самого основания, компания Sony привлекала к себе внимание", but as others mentioned, it was very much depending on the context, since the phrase had thousand translations to Russian


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    It's clearly a promotional text, describing how Sony was developing from a small company into an industry-leading corporation and that it was a spectacular history to follow.
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