A comparison bentween <facing>, <in the face of>, <confronting>, <in confrontation with>


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Hello everybody

I wonder which one of the choices below works properly in my self-made example?

- Everybody migh have a lot of difficulties every day. What is important is, what they decide.....................those problems.

1) confronting
2) in confrontation with
3) facing
4) in the face of

It strikes me that #3 and #4 are more appropriate, while "confrontation" is a bit more aggressive that "facing" in general, but I needed to inquire about it first.
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    This needs rephrasing :thumbsup:

    Do not place comma between a verb and its complement.
    Decide is usually followed by a 'to infinitive' or an adverbial modifier of some type.
    Thank you Paul. :) Just do you confirm my take on the meaning of the four choices?
    To me they all mean the same, just in similar cases (not my specific provided one), #3 and #4 as interchangeable cases can always be used freely. Do you agree?)
    If not, could you please provide an example for me and explain how they differ in meaning?


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    To be brutally frank, the example is filled with errors and none of the options are idiomatic.

    It is rather like having your mobile phone crushed by a train and then taking it to the phone repair shop and asking them to replace the screen.

    The least worst one is #4.
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