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In everyday English speech and in casual manner how would you describe an organization or a country which is too chaotic and disorderly, in which everything is in jumbled confusion, nobody is in their rightful place, everything is higgledy-piggledy, everybody has their nose in other's business and wants to work / live in the way they want without observing laws and regulations? In these kinds of communities / societies, enployees / pleple usualy do what they want, due to the lack of proper systematic management!
I have listed below some sentences which in my experience can be used in this sense:

1)- Everything is a shitahow here.
2) -Everything is the wild west here.
3) - Everything is anarchic here.

Does the structure of these sentences sound idiomatic to you?
If yes, please tell me whether the sentences 1 and 2 mean the same?
If not, the please let me know how would you name or describe that situation?
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    1) 'a shitshow' is not everyday English – it is highly colloquial (and impolite/rude)
    2) the usual expression would be: it's like the Wild West here
    3) the usual expression would be something like: it's complete anarchy here.
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