a [convoy] of foreign tourists


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The quotation comes from Afghanistan's Taliban attack foreign tourist convoy - BBC News

Quotation: Militants have attacked a convoy of foreign tourists in west Afghanistan, injuring six and their Afghan driver.

The group of a dozen travellers was being escorted by Afghan army personnel to Herat city when it was ambushed, Afghan officials told the BBC.

The tourists comprised eight Britons, three US citizens and one German. Some reportedly had light injuries and were being treated in hospital.
Hi everyone! I have a question about "convoy" here. Does "a convoy of foreign tourists" mean " foreign tourists being escorted"?
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    This is the applicable meaning (WR dictionary): a group of vehicles traveling together, esp. for protection.


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    :D Yeah! That's clear. Thanks.

    "Militants have attacked a convoy of foreign tourists " strikes me as "Militants have attacked the escorts that protected foreign tourists". But I think the militants targeted the tourists who were escorted (by Afghan army personnel). Then I was somewhat confused. So I posted the thread for help. :D


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    So it's not the tourists but the vehicles escorting them that were attacked?
    Imagine this scenario: a minibus containing a dozen tourists and a driver is preceded and followed by two army vehicles. Three vehicles in a row form a convoy.
    The Talibans attacked the convoy (presumably shooting at all three vehicles) and several people were wounded.
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