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    A patient had a bone scan to look for the spreading of cancer. I think there was an incidental finding about the jaw where 'a correlacionar' appears.
    Here is the phrase:
    Estudio negativo para enfermedad ósea metastásica.
    Ostroartritis en rodillas.
    Proceso inflamatorio en maxilar superior izquierdo a correlacionar.

    Incidental finding of...? Thanks.
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    So there was no metastatic bone disease, they found osteoarthritis in the knees, and an inflammatory process in the upper left jaw that needs to be clinically correlated.
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    It is not incidental, I think it would be just "finding", and the correlation should be done; because this kind of uptake in that region usually is because sinusitis or dental problems; so, as Eric says, clinical correlation needs to be done.

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