a cost structure that is "in line with" our reduced revenues

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Wookie, Feb 1, 2010.

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    Looking ahead to the rest of the fiscal year, we still face challenging economic conditions. We must continue to be vigilant about maintaining a cost structure that is in line with our reduced revenues.

    This is from a company newsletter. I have difficulty in understanding the underlined part. I know what "in line with" means but I'm not sure if the underlined part makes sense. I think the cost structure is what should be changed, not maintained.
    Could you explain what the part means?
  2. Copyright

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    It is not saying that we should maintain our old cost structure, but rather in the future we should maintain a cost structure (after we establish what it is) that matches our lower income.
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    "To maintain" also means to keep in repair so the cost structure doesn't remain static but is constantly adjusted as the revenues change.
  4. JamesM

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    I read it as keeping costs proportionate to revenue. The "maintaining" is maintaining a policy. In other words, costs should not be allowed to grow out of line with the current revenue but should be maintained in line with revenue.

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