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Hello -

I am looking for a German word for "cottage" to be used in a spoken introduction to two British songs I have to sing for a German audience.

A problem is that the context is not the same for the "cottage" in the two songs.

In the first song, it is a refuge for a broken-heated soul, where he (or she) might flee the world ...

In the second, it is a shepherd's cottage, substantial enough for him and his family, with a decent fireplace, and simply but sufficiently furnished.

It may well be that a different German word would be best for each usage - but I really do need just one.

A German friend suggests 'Hütte', but I was wondering whether 'Haüschen' might not be more appropriate.

Have you any thoughts ... ?

Thanks !

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  • Sowka

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    Hello everybody :)

    "Schafstall" is the place for the animals. The shepherd will probably rather be in a "Hütte".

    So I'd also choose "Hütte". We also have sayings that refer to "Hütte" as a small building that provides shelter, for instance: "Raum ist in der kleinsten Hütte" (meaning that guests are welcome, even if the space is limited).


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    "Hütte" has been seconded already, and I am >thirding< it. :)
    It is the proper choice in this context, and it would also be the word used by Bavarians and Austrians in this context (in dialect of course "Hittn").

    Ian Tenor

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    Well, that's fantastic, and only goes to confirm what my German friend suggested in the first place ! (Will I ever listen to good advice ... ?!)

    A big 'thank you' to all contributors -

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