A couch to crash on

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    "Find someone who will let you sleep on their couch." In other words, find a place to stay for free.

    Please tell us where you saw this sentence.


    English - S.Ontario, Canada
    There are some people who will welcome travelers into their homes who need a place to stay temporarily - maybe for just a night or two. The host might not have an extra bedroom, but will offer to let the traveler sleep on the couch. So this has become a common colloquial expression about finding a temporary convenient situation like this (even if you might get lucky and find a bed, not a couch). It could be at a friend's or relative's place too, with the idea that you are only staying there out of convenience for a night, maybe after going to a late concert or something, and are not there to "visit" them otherwise.

    The verb "crash" is part of the expression because usually the person in this situation is either traveling or doing some late-night activity and all they need is a place to sleep overnight, which might have been otherwise hard (or expensive) to find. So they arrive just to "crash" on the couch (=fall down exhausted) at the end of their long day.. that is all they are there to do.

    Have you heard of "couchsurfing"? (It's a network, there's a website...) The phrase is based on this same idiom
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