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  1. ceteach Member

    Hi again!

    Which is the correct?

    A) A couple is visiting us.
    B) A couple are visiting us.

    C) A couple of people are organizing a party.
    D) A couple of people is organizing a party.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. marrako Member

    Catalan / Spanish - Spain
    It is singular: a couple is visiting us.
  3. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Hi Ceteach,

    Here in the States when couple refers to una pareja or un matrimonio it takes the third person singular form in the present tense:

    A couple is seen through a shop-window near Via Condotti.

    When a couple is feeling stressed, humor can be an effective way of breaking through the tension.

    A young couple is living together but not married.

    Unless one wishes to emphasize the separateness of each partner:

    This makes a one-on-one relationship difficult when a couple are 8000 miles apart..

    How a couple are taxed in the year in which they separate will depend on how they were taxed as a married couple.

    When a couple means simply two and refers to two non-animate entities, it combines with the plural form of the third person present tense:

    A couple of places are said to be haunted at the university.

    A couple of houses are turned into little museums.

    A couple of cars are parked outside.

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  4. ceteach Member

    Thanks a lot, dinis.dinis, and marraco! Your replies have been very useful to me!

    Best regards!

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