a couple of / a pair of ....زوج من

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    Hi young people ! .. is it fine to use زوج من with objects like chairs, tables, pens etc. Context : he made a shelter and furnished it with a chaise longue and a couple of chairs...Thanks in advance.
  2. Awatoufa Senior Member

    ....زوج من is used in arabic to express something composed of two things for example shoes= زوج من الأحذية
    but it has the meaning of couple but i never heard of
    زوج من الطاولات أو زوج من الكراسي أو زوج من الأقلام
  3. djamal 2008 Senior Member

    زوج= فردتين
  4. Mahaodeh Senior Member

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    I've often heard it used that way; زوج كراسي = two chairs; زوجين كراسي = four chairs...etc.
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    "A couple of" and "a pair of" do not mean the same thing. "A pair of" always refers to exactly two items that go together. "A couple of" need not refer to exactly two items. It can refer to two, or "about two."

    So in your sentence, "a couple of chairs" can be translated as بعض الكراسي.
  6. djamal 2008 Senior Member


    أو بضعة كراسٍٍٍ بتنوين حرف السين بالكسرة كونه مضاف إلية .

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