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  1. DylanCampbell New Member

    I know that the word "casal" refers specifically to a married couple, so what if I just want to refer to a "couple" interms of two people dating? Is there another word or is it simply "namorados"?
  2. Carfer

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    Not necessarily. Provided that they live together, 'casal' can be an unmarried couple. Even if they are just dating, in Portugal they can be affectionately called a 'casalinho' (a diminutive of 'casal'). Anyway, 'namorados' is more frequent.
  3. mglenadel

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    We use "casal de namorados" to make the distinction two people just dating and a couple who lives together (married or common-law), at least in Brazil.
  4. MarkAnthony New Member

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    Maybe "par" could fit, depending on the context. As in the sentence "João e Maria formam um belo par!", for instance. But you cannot use par for every situation... also, I believe namorados is fine, but I think the relationship established between people dating is not as strong as two people "namorando".

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