a cousin-marriage ideological relationship with the Liberal Party



Could you please explain "a cousin-marriage ideological relationship" to me? Thank you very much!

The editors are more “idiosyncratic” at The Australian than anywhere else. It has none of the prestige of The Times or the tradition of The Wall Street Journal, and a cousin-marriage ideological relationship with the Liberal Party. Apart from a handful of talents who might be spirited to the higher echelons of News itself, most Australian senior editorial staff find there is nowhere to go, no other paper to poach them, no organisation (apart from the Liberal Party again) keen for their talents. They are lifers, and express their gratitude with a loyalty that borders on the obsequious.
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    The kind of relationship typical of a marriage between cousins. Not incestuous, but closer than a marriage between former strangers.


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    Yes. I think cousin-marriage suggests an unnaturally close ideological relationship between that newspaper and that political party. It’s saying that The Australian is the mouthpiece of the Liberal Party.
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