a crack bunch

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Hello! What does "a crack bunch" mean? It's a phrase used by Steve Forsing when he is having a conversation with Matt Graver in a scene in Sicario (2015). Thanks!

MATT: Who’s going over today? STEVE: Marshals, DEA. Pulled a team for you.
MATT: I get all warm and fuzzy when you say ‘team’. STEVE: It’s a crack bunch too. Just rotated back from Afghanistan.
MATT: Where’s everybody linking up? STEVE: Army Intelligence Center. Macy listens intently, trying to figure
  • Barque

    A "crack bunch" in this context means "a group of people who are very good at their job".

    crack (WR dictionary): adj. [before a noun] skillful; excellent; of high quality: a crack shot.
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