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Hi,everyone. It's me again.

Here is the line from Castle S4E14:

June 18, 1947. The day began like every other, pulling awake in my office chair with a cream of Kentucky bottle, a dry throat, and a head that was ringing like church bells. So, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone with a little hair of the dog that bit me.

I've been looked into the dictionary, however nothing came out as the meaning in the above sentences.
Could anybody tell me how to explain "a cream of".

Thank you for all your replies.
  • scrotgrot

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    Cream of Kentucky is apparently a type of bourbon whiskey. The character has woken up hung over with the bottle next to him.

    There is also a class of soups that are made with cream to thicken the mixture: cream of tomato and cream of mushroom spring to mind.


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    In the brand name, "Cream of" is supposed to imply that it's the best of whatever it is (as in "cream of the crop", "cream rises to the top", etc.). Bourbon whiskey originated in Bourbon County, Kentucky so the brand is claiming to be the best bourbon.
    From the Word Reference dictionary on "cream":
    3 the very best of a group of people or things: the cream of American society.
    I just researched it and scotgrot is correct. Cream of Kentucky is a brand of bourbon whiskey, and the State of Kentucky is famous for its bourbons in general. This one is described as "30 richer" as is described particulaly smooth and rich tasting, so in that sense, creamy, thick, luscious and velvelty to the tongue and throat.

    That actually gives the name a double meaning: "cream of" can mean "the most typical of, and the very best you could possibly get" in addition to its reference to thickness and deepness of texture. So Cream of Kentucky can mean: all of the best elements of Kentucky and it's people brought together like cream rising to the top of the State"

    We could conceivably name a comparable drink from China, "Cream of China." Also, "cream of" meaning the very best can be used with other things and people. The cream of the graduating class. (the very best students) Again is also used in cooking as scotgrot says, adding cream to something.
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