A creep


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How do you say 'He's a creep'? I'm describing a person regarded as being very annoying, disgusting, disturbingly strange, or detestable.
How would you feel if your daughter were dating him?! He has every imaginable part of his body pierced and tattooed, and he looks like the devil incarnate.
When I was changing, I looked up and saw that creep looking through the window. (I'm not looking for the translation of 'pervert'.)
  • igusarov

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    Гондон? I think that means condom in Russian.
    Exactly. And it (the word) can be used as an insult.

    How about скотина?
    Скотина lacks that foul feeling of disgust and shivers. Скотина would be a good choice if you wanted to say "brute, rude and indecent person". Personally I like JohnSilver's "мерзкий тип". It conveys the feeling of making a grimace and thinking "I want to stay far from that dirty man, he makes my face twitch".

    Another possible translation for "creep" and "freak" is "урод". The literal meaning is "ugly or disfigured person", but it is also used to describe "disfigured" behavior or personality.
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