a cross section of social types and ages

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The following description is about this TV ad. Does "a cross section of social types and ages" mean "a view of (people belonging to) different social classes and different social eras"?

The train journey in Relax is artfully shot in a series of vignettes which carry middle- to high-brow cultural references such as a broadsheet newspaper, an Iris Murdoch novel and a game of chess. But, where such references might have fallen down because of their obviousness, Kaye has managed a touch of magic and humour in the use of anthropomorphics in the animation of the relaxing penguin motif on the book, the sighing chess pieces and the stiletto heel curling up snugly onto itself. In addition, Kay extends the richness of his cultural references with the introduction of a cross section of social types and ages, complemented, as with many of Kaye’s commercials, by a soundtrack which, in this case, colludes with the visuals to shore up the soporific tone of the work (Art and Advertising by Joan Gibbons).
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    I would say that "ages" here refers to the age of the individuals, not to eras.

    Kay presents a selection of social types and ages that accurately reflects the proportion of these social types and age groups in the overall population.
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