A crow is a type of bird


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Bonjour. I'd like to say the following: XX is a type/kind of XX. For example, "A crow is a type of bird". Would the construct be "XX est un type de XX" & my example be "Un corbeau est un type de oiseau"? Thanks in advance!
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    Coogans, it depends on the context (you're probably talking to a seller, right?), but both are equivalent (just like a kind/sort of) :) I think I'd tend to use genre more often → Quel genre de bière avez-vous ?

    Getting back to the birds, note that espèce is as ambiguous as kind of. The word espèce meaning species, it should be used to talk about a bird species (Le corbeau est une espèce d'oiseau). However, this is more likely to be understood as a figurative expression, meaning some kind of bird...
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