a crowning addition to their resumes

kazuhiko fudaba

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In the article of Nikkei: Four Japanese maglev contractors indicted over bid-fixing, there are sentences:
But the four companies could ill afford to abandon a major national project, which would make a crowning addition to their resumes.

Question) Please explain the meaning of the bold part, especialy to their resumes.

Thank you.

Kazu Fudaba
  • boozer

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    It will become part of their professional experience and they will be able to proudly display it in their CVs (curriculum vitaes)* thus providing them with further opportunities to make money.

    * However, I now notice we are talking about companies so... they will be able to proudly display it in their company profiles, etc.


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    And a "crowning addition" tells us it will be one of the very best additions to their company profiles – an addition that will sit at the top of a list of their past achievements, just as a crown sits on your head.
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