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    In English, the noun "crush," as opposed to the verb, is used to describe the feelings a person, typically in high school, has for another person that they perceive to be really cute. Said attraction is usually a short-term infatuation, and typically goes away in a few months. Adults may also have crushes on celebrities.

    What is the Tagalog word for that concept?
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    Well, if you're going for casual/informal-conversational, you can just say:

    "Crush ko 'yan!" or "Type ko siya!" --> That's my crush! or She/He's my type!

    Most people here in Manila talk like that anyway.

    But if you really want to know a direct translation for academic purposes or something, wait for the other veterans because I admittedly do not know any direct translation sorry lol :D
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    We also use the word crush.

    Crush kita! -> I have a crush on you.

    This phrase has become a butt of joke for some because if you translate it into English literally, you'll get "I crush you!" :D

    Seriously though, let me add that pagtingin is the same as crush.

    May pagtingin ako sa'yo. -> I have a crush on you.

    It sounds romantic, but people, and more commonly the teens, use crush instead.
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    "Crush kita / Crush ko siya." is adequate.

    Another purely Tagalog and acceptable phrase is "May gusto ako sa iyo" which literally means "I like something about you" but is more commonly used to convey "I have a crush on you."

    Since this is a language learning forum here are some other Tagalog phrases that come close to the meaning of "crush." I do not recommend using them as they sound very archaic (take a look at the unwieldy English translations) and present them solely for learning purposes.

    Sinisinta kita. Iniirog kita. Ginigiliw kita.
    You are the one I am (holding special / favoring / loving).
    The above sentences can also simply mean "I love you."
    [ The -in- affix indicates the present progressive tense in English and thus "holding / favoring / loving"].

    Ikaw ang aking pinipiho.
    You are the one I am favoring.
    [Again note the -in- affix turning the verb into the present progressive tense.]

    Ikaw ang tibok ng aking puso / Pinatitibok mo ang aking puso.
    You are my heartbeat. / You are making my heart beat.

    Ikaw ang tibok ng aking dibdib.
    You are the beating in my chest.

    Ikaw ang aking napupusuan.
    You are my heart's choice. / You are my choice.
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    hanga ako sa iyo!
  6. ciboire New Member

    Ang baduy naman nyan. Yung words na pagtingin saka sinisinta, hindi ra rin yan uubra sa probinsya. hehe

    "Crush" na ginagamit ngayon!
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    Sinasabi lang naman kung ano pa ang ibang salita ng crush, pero parang naririnig ko sa lumang pelikula ay "may pagtingin ako sa iyo"!

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