A cry for/to (cry as exclamation, call)


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Hello, I am a Croatian speaker of English (in fact, I study what we call 'English language and literature'). I am writing a research paper, and have encountered a problem in this sentence:

"Thus, her last word is not a joke upon her life, but a genuine cry to women to endure"

I am aware that this 'cry-to-to' part is not very good, but I want to keep its meaning for stylistic reasons. I tried to say that on her death bed 'she' called all the women to resist and to fight all the perils that they had to face. And I just can't seem to find the right preposition: is it 'for women' or maybe even 'on women', or can I even use an infinitive in this context at all?
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    Welcome to the forum, touchshriek. I liked "to women" just fine. If you want to replace it, I think "for women" is your best choice: ...but a genuine cry for women to endure.
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