A cuántos grados están en tu ciudad

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  1. esl student Senior Member

    I`m trying to translate this sentence to English:

    "¿A cuantos grados estan en tu ciudad?"

    What`s the temperature in your city?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.
  2. patin Senior Member

    Costa Rica español
    How cold/hot is your city at this moment?

    How is the weather in your city?

  3. miss sparkles

    miss sparkles Senior Member

    Pennsylvania, USA
    What's the temperature in your city? esta bien.
  4. rafael-mx Member

    Cincinnati, USA
    Que te parece "How is the weather?"
  5. esl student Senior Member

    So the answer should be:

    The temperature in my city has reached the 36º C. ?

    What`s the most common way to say in English?

    Thank you.
  6. sound shift

    sound shift Senior Member

    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    - What's the temperature in your city/where you are?
    - It's thirty-six degrees.
  7. kayokid

    kayokid Senior Member/Moderator

    English, USA
    This is perfectly grammatically correct but sounds a bit strange to me, personally. If someone asked me this question I would answer: The temperature here/here in Chicago got up to/reached XX degrees. or maybe: It got up to XX degrees here.

    Or simply: It's 36 degrees. (as soundshift said). That's the easiest and most common answer in my opinion.

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