a cup of coffee to see him on

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    I understood the expression, but would not consider it a commonly used one.

    To me, ...to see him on here to means "one for the road" - un dernier pour la route.

    One for the road
    is usually an alcoholic drink, but in this case a cup of coffee, perhaps to keep him warm (or awake) for the journey upcoming.


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    le P[/QUOTE]
    Hi parieur, what does "see him on" mean in English? It's not a phrasal verb or idiom that I've ever heard.
    Sorry, I thought it was a well-known expression!
    But, perhaps, confined t'North!!
    I have always thought it meant " to tied one over"
    For example, if someone was very hungry and needed a substantial meal, you couls say, "I gave him a cup of teoa and a biscuit just to see him on"
    Hope (that) this helps!

    le P


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    No, neither have I; I was asking if Le Parieur had not quoted it in full, or if there was some omission in the original text.
    Hi, I read what you were asking; I was suggesting something else - that an abbreviated form of 'see someone on their way' was not a possibility.
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