a cup of milk

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Hi everybody,

Does 'a cup of milk' neccessarily mean 'a cupful of milk'? For example, if there is about 40cc of milk in a 200cc cup, is it 'a cup of milk'?
  • panjandrum

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    Are you reading from a recipe?
    If so, then a cup of milk is a cupful of milk.
    Are you offering this to a child?
    Then a cup of milk is perhaps about half full.

    40cc in a 200cc cup is not "a cup of milk" for me. That is a cup with some milk in it.


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    In a recipe, it would be talking about a specific "measuring cup" filled to the "1 cup" mark. Now the problem is whose cup to use. A US cup is 236.6 ml, a metric cup is 250ml, and a UK cup is 284.1ml.
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