"A cycle with too many investors ..."


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I don’t understand the meaning of the underlined sentence.

“I never learned to pacify violence from violence, and these men will never shake a criminal impulse from criminal acts! A cycle with too many investors to be broken.

The quote is from a book by Laura Bates, Shakespeare Saved My Life. The author is an English professor, and the book is based on her experiences teaching Shakespeare in prison. So, I think the underlined sentence might be related to Shakespeare passages, but I’m not sure. What do you think it means?

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    Even though I'm not a native speaker but drawing on my experience I assume the meaning of that sentence has to do with the idioms "vicious cycle" or "vicious circle" where you have to break the cycle to bring the vicious madness to an end. Look them up. But the idea is this, in some cultures if someone kills one of your relatives, you have to take revenge on them through killing one of their relatives. And since you have killed one of their relatives, they have to take revenge back on you. And on we go. It never stops. In order to break the cycle you have to do something because otherwise this becomes total and complete madness. Hope this helps.
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    Good question, wapple2.

    I don't like the author's choice of words.

    Sometimes an author tries to be creative in an attempt to portray a mood or image, but I gag at this effort.

    It just means that too many people partake in violence to make it possible to avoid violence.

    We often use "invest" to mean "psychological concurrence," but I think this is too much of a stretch and falls into the realm of "psychobabble."

    From the freedictionary.com

    psy·cho·bab·ble [sahy-koh-bab-uh
    ] Show IPA

    nounwriting or talk using jargon from psychiatry or psychotherapy withoutparticular accuracy or relevance.

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