A dark cruise-y leather bar [cruise-y?]

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These two sentences are from a travel website based in the US.
"A dark cruise-y leather bar with different themed nights that bring different crowds. Every third Saturday is a party called Beatpig which meshes drag and macho culture."

What is the function of "-y"? I have seen this kind of words a few times. Does the hyphen mean it is a self-created adjective?

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    Exactly. It signals a coinage. The meaning is that some people go cruising (picking up people) at the bar.

    Cruise is normally a verb:
    to go or look about (the streets, public areas or places, etc.) in search of a sexual partner: [no object] cruising on the streets. [~ + object] cruising the bars.
    cruise - WordReference.com Dictionary of English (Random House, sense 5)
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