a daunting/intimidating task


Interviewing fifty applicants in one day was a(n) intimidating/daunting task.

Do both intimidating and daunting fit in the above and mean about the same to you? Thanks.
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    Do you see a difference, jesusguime? In what way do they seem similar or different to you?


    Hi guys, I would like to know the view on this case of native speakers about it.

    "The prison was really intimidating"

    Are they completely interchangeble? thanks for your answer in advance. If you do not know the answer you do not need to reply thanks.

    herma jesty

    Hi Bormer,
    A task can be daunting or intimidating, and they mean roughly the same in that case, but a person can only be intimidating, not daunting.

    Edit: just realised i didn't actually answer your question. I think "The prison was intimidating" sounds fine but "The prison was daunting." sounds wrong. I'd like to hear others' opinions on this, but I feel like "daunting" can't be used for objects either, unless a task is implied. E.g. you could say "The new house is daunting" if you were talking about the huge task of decorating and repairing the house, but if it was just a house that looked scary, you couldn't use the word daunting.
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