a daydream so vivid, blurred by time

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I´m a bit puzzled by the phrase marked in bold. A daydream so vivid and blurred by time seem contrary to each other to me (Blurred means distorted...how could a picture be a vivid when its blurred?)...I´d be grateful for your explanation.
Many thanks.

Victoria Jenkins: The girls in the water
It was amazing how the mind could restore itself when it needed to, even when her brain felt as addled as it did now. That night came back to her, a daydream so vivid that it seemed to play out in front of her, blurred by time and everything that had taken place since. At some point after trying to kiss him and having her advances refused, Chloe fell asleep.

Background info:
Chloe remembers one night 8 years ago. Now she is kidnapped, drugged and sick but still, memories flash back from the past.
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    I understand it as meaning the mental images (the "pictures") were vivid, but her recollection of what exactly had happened may have been influenced by later events and may not have been accurate. That's possibly why it's "blurred".
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