a deafening scream <and it /which> echoed

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I am wondering if there's any rule for the 'subjects' in one single sentence. For example, is it understandable that 'it' refers to 'a deafening scream' in the following sentence?

"he let out a deafening scream and it echoed in the big house.'

or must I say 'he let out a deafening scream which echoed in the big house'?

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    As 'it' is a neuter pronoun and cannot refer to the subject of the sentence [he], there is no problem with using 'and it'. The answer to your more general question is, yes, it is possible to have a new subject within a sentence.

    Whether you want to join two independent clauses with 'and' is a different matter, and a stylistic choice. In this sentence it is fine.
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