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    Chamando aos abogados luso-brasileiros! Socorro!!!

    Estou por terminar a tradução de um extenso documento ao inglês e na última hora encontrei uma frase que me deixa sem resposta. É a seguinte:

    "Cada uma das Partes responde integralmente pelos danos que causar a terceiros, garantido o direito de regresso, na forma da lei, inclusive a denunciação da lide de forma a garantir o direito de defesa."

    Minha tentativa:

    Texto revisto “Each of the Parties is fully responsible for the damage caused to third parties, the right of redress in law being guaranteed, including the .........of the dispute so as to guarantee the right of defense”.
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    Significado de lide no contexto jurídico:
    Questão judicial; litígio, pendência (Aurélio)
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    No problem with 'lide':that's what Vanda says. No idea of what 'denunciação' means in this context though. Must be specific to brazilian law.
    As to 'direito de regresso', maybe 'right of redress' is not the correct translation. 'Redress' is the equivalent to 'compensação/indemnização'. 'Regresso' is actually a form of 'compensação', no doubt, but quite a specific one:it's the right that someone who has indemnified a third person has to recover his/her money from a previous person who in fact should have paid said compensation (so he/she acts as a substitute). I've seen it translated as 'right of recovery' which, in my view, suits the concept better. I've seen it translated as 'subrogation' too, but this is not entirely correct, in my opinion, as 'subrogation' is the substitution itself or the legal situation that arises from the substitution. Hope this helps.

    P.S. I found what 'denunciação da lide' means in brazilian law: it means 'impleader' (the procedure by which a third party is brought into a suit). That's what we call 'intervenção de terceiros' in Portugal, which is a lot more transparent as the name of the procedure. For me, your sentence makes full sense now.
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