a descriptive for work experience in disparate fields

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I am struggling for a descriptive word for a person's work experience in diverse fields like services and non-services, government and private, social enterprises and business enterprises, corporate and small scale industry.

How is the following expression?

I have the experience in widely diverse fields (that this exposure assures any organization of its success despite numerous problems).

Is the following correct?

I am experienced in widely diverse fields.
  • Kreshnik

    I'm also keen to know the answer. Personally I'd go with:

    I have a proven track record in different fields of work.

    But your sentence doesn't sound natural to me. If I say "I'm experienced" I'd normally add a job, position, etc. E.g.:

    I'm a highly experienced consultant.
    I'm an experienced guide.

    On the other hand, if I want to say that I have experience in certain field of work I will udoubtfully use have.

    I have over three years of experience working for an insurance company.
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