a [destination] rather than just a big and comprehensively stocked city shop

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The quotation comes from A history of the department store

Quotation: Opened in 1909, Selfridges offered bedazzled customers a hundred departments along with restaurants, a roof garden, reading and writing rooms, reception areas for foreign visitors, a first aid room and, most importantly, a small army of knowledgeable floor-walking assistants who served as guides to this retail treasure trove as well as being thoroughly instructed in the art of making a sale.

Selfridge did much to make the department store a destination rather than just a big and comprehensively stocked city shop.
Hi everyone! I have a question about "destination" here. I think it means "the place to which a person or thing travels or is sent". But I don't quite understand the comparison the author made between a "destination" and a "...stocked city shop". :confused:
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    I think he's using the word to mean that people actually planned trips to Selfridges, the way they would to a local attraction.

    Generally, going to a shop is a mundane matter. Here, the implication is that Selfridges was such a pleasant place to be in that people looked forward to going there.
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