a detachment/an imaginativeness


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Practice Book for the Paper-based GRE® revised General Test

The author presents the life of Zane Grey with ------- unusual in a biographer: he is not even convinced that Grey was a good writer.
A a zeal
B a deftness
C a detachment
D an eloquence
E an imaginativeness

Answer is "a detachment". But I don't understand why? I find "an imaginativeness" more suitable.
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    I think most biographers write about their subjects because they are biased -- they like them, or think they're great, or think they're controversial, or think they're entertaining or of interest. So when I read the options before looking at the answer, I picked "a detachment" because the author isn't even convinced Grey was a good writer. So he is unlikely to be biased in writing about his life.

    We have no idea if the author's writing was zealous, deft, eloquent or imaginative based on the sentence we're given.
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