a devastating combo punch


Does "combo punch" mean "Punching Combinations"?

Thanks in advance

While grad students dodged a bullet at the last minute, the Republican tax bill that Trump signed mandates oil drilling in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. That's a devastating combo punch: drilling will not only ruin lands that are crucial to animals and people alike, but also contribute to the global warming that is baking our planet alive.

-Scientific American

Source: 8 Ways the Trump Administration Has Been a Disaster for Science and Our Public Lands
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    Hi NA, a "combo" here means a combination punch. It doesn't just have ONE bad effect (ruining land), it has a combination of (here, two) bad effects. The second bad effect is that it contributes to global warming.


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    "Combo punch" = "combination punch" in boxing is a mix or sequence of punches used in quick succession, which can sometimes lead to the opponent being knocked out.

    It is being used metaphorically in the way Enquiring Mind explains in post #2.

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