a dime-a-day love

Eleonore Rugby

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In the song "The Last Goodbye" of The Kills, Alison Mosshart sings one time in the lyrics "a dime-a-day love".
Can you tell me what does it exactly means? Is it a common expression?
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  • Novanas

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    I've never heard "a dime a day" before. There is the expression "a dime a dozen" pertaining to goods that are cheap and not very valuable.

    This is what the singer means regarding her relationship. "A dime-a-day love" isn't worth much. Later on she calls it "a half-hearted love". In other words, she's not getting much love from that relationship.

    Eleonore Rugby

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    Thank you very much for your answer, even if it was also a strange expression for you. But the meaning is surely the one you said.
    Anyway, lyrics have to be a bit creative! ;)