A dive into the primordial swamp

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The quotation comes from https://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2017/07/daily-chart-0

Quotation: A dive into the primordial swamp that bred a tweet by Donald Trump

ONE wonders what must have been going through Donald Trump’s mind. On the morning of July 2nd, the president tweeted a cartoonish video showing himself wrestling a man with a CNN logo for a head to the ground and pummelling him. “#FraudNewsCNN #FNN” he captioned, in case the message were not clear enough.
Hi everyone! How to understand the bold part, especially "primordial swamp"? It confuses me.
  • Barque

    It's saying that the place from where ideas for Donald Trump's tweets originate is like a primordial swamp - like the prehistoric swamp from where the earliest forms of life originated. It suggests that Trump's tweets aren't sophisticated or refined.

    There's a theory that life on Earth originated from very simple living matter in a "primordial soup" or body of water. This refers to that theory.
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