A diviner grace has never brightened this enchanting face

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Pavel Pin

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Elwood praises Miss Kelly's beauty:

Miss Kelly, you know, when you wear my flower, you make it beautiful. "A diviner grace has never brightened this enchanting face." Ovid's Fifth Elegy. Ovid's always been my favorite poet.

What is the meaning of diviner grace?
When Click on diviner grace in The free dictionary it shows me grace of God. I am confused.
Source: Harvey (1950)
  • Määränpää

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    Look up the words separately.

    divine - WordReference.com Dictionary of English,
    adj., -vin•er, -vin•est
    2. extremely good; unusually lovely

    grace - WordReference.com Dictionary of English
    1. elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action
    (4. favor or goodwill, or an expression of favor, esp. by a superior)

    The person who translated Ovid used grace to refer to the woman's beauty: "Such were her looks, and a diviner grace / Had never brighten'd that enchanting face." (In other words, she was now more beautiful than she had ever been before.)

    Here, Elwood has replaced that face with this face, so I'm not really sure whose face he is talking about. He might be using grace to refer to the fact that Miss Kelly is doing him a favor by wearing his flower. But would he call his own face "enchanting"?
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