a double duck fit

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Hello everybody,

I need your help to understand a strange expression found in a movie ("Spider Baby").
Context: Emily and Peter park in front of an old manor. Emily goes up to the house where she sees a strange man who frightens her. She returns to the car:
Peter: What happened? You saw a ghost, right.
Emily: Don't be funny! It was a ... awful! A baboon!
Peter: Well, let's not have a double duck fit.

Any idea what it could mean? Thank you very much in advance!
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    Can't say as I've ever heard of another example of a 'double duck fit', but from the context is sounds very similar to a 'ducky fit' or a 'hissy fit', both of which mean an extreme, exaggerated or unwarranted reaction to a situation.


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    Hard to tell. The phrase could refer to children's games. It also seems to see some use in cricket, poker, and even backgammon. (Though, in the latter two, it refers to a pair of twos, which is hardly that impressive).

    From what I've seen of "double duck" online, in this case, "double-duck fit" might simply mean an exaggerated or big fit.

    (I wonder how this relates to other similar phrases like "double dog" and "double dutch.")


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    My family in Yorkshire was using this expression 40+ years ago. I think it refers to the fact that ducks make a great deal of noise when they are upset. A double duck-fit is therefore a ridiculously agitated response.
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