A drag on

I got the inquiry more than 250 different items from one of my customes.
But lots of items is acting as negative factors to give on time feedback.

In order to get the same meaning of sentense highlighted by RED, can I say

"colorful items is being a drag providing on time feedback"

Thanks for your help.
  • JillN

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    No... and the original sentence is not correct either, so I'm not sure, but I think this is what you are trying to say:

    One of my customers ordered more than 250 different items. But a lot of factors are preventing me from filling the order on time.

    What do you mean by "colorful items" and "feedback"?


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    By "on time feedback" do you mean feedback regarding the delivery time? If so you could say "...............is/are preventing me giving a lead time/delivery date.


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    You're going to need to paraphrase what you want to say, and perhaps give us some more context. I really have no idea what you're trying to convey.


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    Use several sentences to convey your meaning to us. It is not necessary to combine all your thoughts in one sentence at this time.

    For example.

    The customer sent an order for 250 items.
    We are worried that some of the items may take longer to produce.
    We cannot ship the order complete within the allowed production time.
    Some of the items will have to be shipped at a later date.

    After we understand all the points we can help combine them into a more streamlined sentence.
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