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Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by Melikhovo, May 11, 2016.

  1. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    Hello again,

    I recently tried to explain this very popular english concept to my friend in Moscow. I basically said it can be anything outrageous like an adventure or something that happens as the result of drunkenness. Often the next day people will exchange "stories" like: Wow I got so drunk last night I woke up on the roof with no pants"
    My question is: Is there a Russian equivalent? She didn't seem to understand the literal translation :(
  2. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    История одной пьянки.
    (Вчера) по пьяни приключилось (приключилась история)...
    Я так вчера набрался, что...очнулся на крыше, без штанов.
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  3. Rosett

    Rosett Senior Member

    "Напилася я пьяна,
    Не дойду я до дому..."
    (сл. народные, исп. Надежда Кадышева и анс."Золотое кольцо").
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  4. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    Thank you!
    What if it is in the following context:
    "Wow two weeks vacation? You probably have a lot of good drunk stories (to tell me)"
  5. Rosett

    Rosett Senior Member

    "Ну, и как вы там пили-гуляли?? Есть что рассказать?"
  6. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

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    Russian (Moscow)
    Anyone who says that in a conversation would sound absolutely ridiculous. I'm not sure what is the reason you wrote it here.
  7. Q-cumber

    Q-cumber Senior Member

    Ух ты, двухнедельный отпуск! Наверно (небось) там хорошо оттянулись? (Наверно оттянулись в полный рост? (Idiomatic, very informal) Есть о чём рассказать?
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  8. Rosett

    Rosett Senior Member

    Well, you have to sing it, not just say, when you start your drunk story. Drunk people look ridiculous and sound ridiculous, you're right - that is what it implies.
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  9. Rosett

    Rosett Senior Member

    "кто не пустит все побоку, тот в полный рост не оттянется", - introducing a drunk story.
    (Гл.7, стих 1)
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  10. Particle Member

    If you want to find the words to begin his story, you can say:
    Ну и ну, вчера напился до чёртиков… (singular)
    Ну и ну, вчера напились до чёртиков… (plural)
  11. igusarov

    igusarov Senior Member

    Moscow, Russia
    "Пьяные похождения".
    I think it is never used in singular form. But since this phrase isn't based on a story-like word, it doesn't go well with the predicate "to tell"...

    "Пьяные байки" is also possible in the right context, but it has wider coverage. It could mean a story about drunk adventures, a story about getting drunk, a made-up story told by a drunk man, etc.

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