a drunk wavered up to the woman

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A drunk wavered up to the woman, and while his mouth said one thing, the voice actor dubbing his voice said, ‘Hey, baybee, want a date?’ in a Mexican accent that made him sound like Speedy Gonzales. She brushed him off and walked on.
Source: Outsider by Stephen King

If someone wavers up to you, they walk up to you in an unsteady way, for example because they are ill or drunk, right?

to dub is to replace the original speech in a film/movie or television programme with words in another language e.g. an American movie dubbed into Italian.
brush somebody ˈoff: rudely ignore somebody or refuse to listen to them
Speedy Gonzales is an animated cartoon character.

Thank you.
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    I've never seen "wavered up to someone" before.

    I agree that this is what King means here - "to walk up to someone, while some parts of your body are wavering".
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