a dry thumb up my ass

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Karen : Well, this is not about you or us, okay...This is about me and Becca.
Hank : But you can't just whisk her away ... and expect me to sit here in L.A. With a dry thumb up my ass.
What does this phrase mean: ''a dry thumb up my ass''?
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    Sitting around (in LA or anyplace else) with a (your) thumb up your ass means to be sitting around doing nothing. It is a vulgar version of sitting on your hands.

    With your hand(s) so occupied, you're not going to get much done. The addition to the phrase of "dry thumb" (unlubricated thumb) suggests that the sitting around is more painful than if it were being done with a lubricated thumb, I suppose.


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    The non-Californification version that I'm familiar with is to twiddle one's thumbs. Never heard this version before, but not unexpected in this TV series.
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